Abigail's Story

Abigail and her family are dear friends of ours here at Beyond Boundaries. Abigail has autism and has been with us for less than a year. Over this short period of time, we have seen so many positive changes occur in her behavior and attitude! Her family so graciously shared her story with us and we are eager to share it with you, too. 

Abigail's Story

November 5, 2019. 

"Abigail started at Beyond Boundaries in December of 2018 with our physical therapist, Ms. Lisa. We wanted to give riding a try because at that time meltdowns were awful, she never seemed to relax after a meltdown, and we were searching for a safe outlet for our favorite girl. We've seen so many improvements in Abigail, but honestly the biggest change is her ability to relax and express herself! I know that for any child expressing yourself and stress relieving is a challenge, but it's a bigger challenge to a child with autism," 

(Abigail's first ride) 

"Another huge and fantastic change we've noticed are the connections she's forming, not just with other people but animals as well. Before Beyond Boundaries Abigail really wouldn't talk, touch, or even look at anyone or anything else. Since our time here we've seen her bloom into a confident and sassy little lady who now also loves her big sister Molly (our dog),"  

"Her favorite part you of Beyond Boundaries? I'd say all of it, honestly. She knows when riding day is here and she is ready to go! She loves seeing all of our Beyond Boundaries folks, she loves working hard, playing, and most importantly she loves getting to relax and connect with her favorite horse,"


"Hippotherapy has allowed us to provide Abigail a safe space to relax, refocus, form bonds, work on communication skills, and it has given us our happy girl back. Through all of the changes she's faced and continues to face, hippotherapy has given us and her the tools necessary for her to continue to grow, be happy, and calmly transition through all of the changes. For that we will always be grateful. Thank you for allowing us to tell our story."


Not only has hippotherapy changed Abigail's life, but it has changed her families life as well. We love hearing stories of our friends that we serve at Beyond Boundaries. These stories keep us excited and motivated to continue providing services. What a joy it is to see sweet Abigail improving each week!