About us

Who we are: 

Beyond Boundaries is a non-profit therapy center that utilizes horses as a therapy tool to increase specific motor, sensory, speech, and behavior/social responses. By non-profit, we mean that we operate primarily on a volunteer base with only one full-time paid employee. The ability to offer these one-of-a-kind therapy options in this way could not happen without the dedication and pure heart of so many. Beyond Boundaries is a place where individuals with disabilities and their families can create strong animal and human bonds and experience overwhelming therapy success. 

What we do: 

As a 501C-3 Non-profit Equine Assisted Therapy Program, Beyond Boundaries utilizes horses as a therapy tool to increase specific motor, sensory, speech, and behavioral/social responses.
Our mission through this is to: 
1. Help individuals with disabilities reach beyond their expected potential physically, mentally, and emotionally. 
2. Aid people with disabilities in DISCOVERING and MAXIMIZING their individual potential while increasing progress toward therapeutic goals and fostering independence.

Our Story: 

We were founded in 2003 and gained our non-profit status in 2004. We were founded to provide specialized "hippotherapy" to children in need. Hippotherapy is simply, treatment with the use of horses. Under the supervision of a Certified Physical, Occupational or Speech Hippotherapist and a Therapeutic Riding Instructor, the horse is used as a tool to induce medically relevant changes. They are using the horse to make improvements with the child, not just teaching them a skill. We also offer Therapeutic Riding, which teaches a child with a disability how to ride a horse independently with modifications under the direction of a Therapeutic Riding Instructor. We are pursuing efforts to become a Nationally Recognized Research Center for Hippotherapy services.

Our Clients: 

Our clients are our friends and neighbors with the greatest need, who gain the most benefit from the services we provide. It is a place where individuals with disabilities and their families can create strong animal and human bonds, while experiencing overwhelming therapy success. 

Our Therapists: 

Our Physical Therapists can overlay a variety of motor tasks on the horses's movement to address the motor tasks on the horse's movement to address the motor needs of each patient and to promote functional outcomes in skill areas related to gross motor ability such as sitting, standing, and walking. 
Our Occupational Therapists use the movement of the horse to not only address fine motor activities and balance, but sensory integration. The movement provides a highly organized sensory input into vestibular, propiceptive, and tactile and visual systems. 
Our Speech Therapists use equine services to improve cognitive functioning and receptive language skills. With basic arousal produced but the rhythmic motion of the horse, clients with low muscle tone and/or hypo-aroused resting states can tap into this movement. 

Our Volunteers: 

Beyond Boundaries is a place for individuals to feel a sense of purpose as a volunteer for a great program. Our volunteers can help in our barn, along with fundraising, community awareness, research, and sponsoring our program. 


We host events throughout the year to raise money and awareness of our program in the community. Our events include: 

  1. The Mane Event 
  2. Boot Scootin' Bash
  3. Batting for Beyond Boundaries
  4. Golf Tournament 
  5. Church and Community Youth Groups 
  6. School Day Trips 



Here's where our money comes from: 


  1. Grants 
  2. Foundations 
  3. Public Funds 
  4. Private Funds 
  5. Government Funds

Our services could not be provided without the support of our donors. EVERY gift we receive is important to us, no matter how big or small. We pledge to honor every donation by being good stewards of the funds we raise to directly support the children and adults that depend on us.