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Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy 

Allied Therapy is a pediatric therapy group, which specializes in providing developmental, speech, occupational and physical therapy in the child's natural environment & also direct intervention and consultation services for children with various disabilities ranging from six weeks to 21 years of age.


Allied Therapy's Pediatric Physical Therapy Residency Program is the only program offered in the state of Arkansas and one of only seven Pediatric Physical Therapy programs in the country.

Allied Therapy Mission

Allied Therapy and its staff are passionate about improving peoples’ lives. We strive to provide the best possible care and service for all patients and their families, as requested. Services provided can include therapeutic treatment, consultations, as well as educational and advisory services for the purpose of reducing the incidence and severity of disability. It is our goal to enable, train or retrain an individual to perform the independent skills and activities necessary for daily living. Pediatrics is something we hold very dear; therefore, we have received many specialized certifications in this area.

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About Allied History

1993, Allied Therapy & Consulting Services was founded & began working in a two-room clinic in Cabot, Arkansas. Through the utilization of physical, occupational, speech, & developmental therapy we began to improve lives. After expanding several times, in 2005 we relocated into a custom-built therapy clinic in Ward, Arkansas. Our 6,600 square foot facility provides a place for staff to treat all of their clients’ developmental needs. Rooms in our facility are equipped with a variety of different sensory integrated themes and activities to encourage progress while engaging the child, which makes therapy fun! In early 2011, we hit another milestone by opening a second facility. This had been a dream several years in the making but having a second home in Sherwood, Arkansas seemed to be a perfect fit because we have been treating in that area for around 17 years. Our Sherwood clinic serves as an extension of the primary location allowing Allied Therapy to expand on our community programming & continuing education for practicing therapists. Hippotherapy is a highly effective treatment tool offered specifically through Allied Therapy. Beyond Boundaries is an equine assisted therapy center located about a mile from our Ward clinic where our certified physical, occupational & speech therapists practice.