Giving Tuesday

What is GivingTuesday?

Celebrated on the Tuesday following U.S. Thanksgiving, and fueled by the power of social media and collaboration, GivingTuesday inspires millions of people across the globe to show up and give back to causes and issues that matter to them. The goal is to create a massive wave of generosity that lasts well beyond that day, and touches every person on the planet. 

When is GivingTuesday?

GivingTuesday takes place on December 3, 2019 this year.


Giving Tuesday Mission: 

In an era of global crisis and disconnection, we need new rituals to connect us. As the world's largest giving movement, we believe we can go further, faster.  

GivingTuesday brings together a global community around the ideals of generosity and collective action.  We believe a citizenry that is more generous is also more committed to democratic principles and other pro-social behaviors that are the foundation of healthy societies. We believe in the catalytic power of handraisers, who step up to lead. We believe in the transformative potential of a collaborative, innovative social sector. 

Our mission is to build a more just and generous world.



Ways individuals can participate in GivingTuesday with Beyond Boundaries: 

          1. Give Time: By volunteering, you can make a difference to the people in our community, develop new skills, and learn. Volunteering with Beyond Boundaries perfect for reducing stress, finding new friends, and it's a great learning opportunity! 
          2. Give Your Voice: You’ve got the power and the passion to transform our community. By lending our voice to support our organization, we can bring more awareness to the community. 
          3. Give Dollars: As a nonprofit organization, we are working tirelessly every day to make a difference in our community. We rely heavily on donations to continue to operate and provide services to families in need. 
          4. Give Goods: Be sure the check in with us about what items you could donate to us! Check out our 2019-2020 wishlist!