Our Horses

Our Horses

Meet our horses! 

Expectations and Training

Expectations: Choosing the Therapy Horse 

We want a horse with a history, but not a long history or one ready for retirement. 

  • horse with previous experience 
  • showing, rodeo, trail-activities that expose them to unexpected events 
  • middle aged 
  • 15 hands or shorter 
  • geldings or mares 
  • no lameness or behavior issues 
  • strengthen 

Training: Initial training of a Therapy Horse 

  • initial screening at current owners house
  • observe horse for lameness, behavior and general attitude to rider and unstable riders 
  • our equine specialist and vet check them out 
  • experienced horse person rides and leads horse 
  • trial period of 3 months at therapy center 
  • desensitization to therapy toys 

Additional training may consist of: 

  • unstable riders 
  • loud noises 
  • different leaders 
  • different sidewalks 
  • wheel chairs, walkers, and canes 
  • walking through ramps and lift systems 
  • walking over or through unusual terrains  



Expenses related to caring for our herd are constant: veterinary costs, farrier (horseshoe) costs, food and equipment. Is it in your heart and budget to sponsor a member of our herd and cover these costs on a monthly basis?  Sponsoring one of our riders will cover monthly riding fees if you prefer!

 We need your help!  


Beyond Boundaries Wish List 2021

Monthly horse sponsorships @ $200 for a month for grooming, feed, hay, worming, farrier, etc.

New horse halters & lead ropes- $25 each for nylon halters & $15 for lead ropes

Treats for the horses - various prices

Big fans for the arena

Large Heaters for the arena & barn

Barn mats for stalls - rubber mats @ $75 each

Heavy duty industrial strength long water hoses

55 gallon barrels