Name:  Comanche

Gender:  Gelding

Breed:  Quarter Horse Cross

Age:  22 years old

Feeding:  full scoop of Purina Senior twice time daily with a scoop of fat cat supplement (second stall on pasture side)

Max Client Weight:  245 lbs.

Client Positions:  Forward astride, backwards, and side sit.  Can also long-line.

Height:  15’3  Weight:  1230 lbs.

Gaits: Walk, extended walk, trot.  Provides movement in all three planes smooth.

Other Information:  Semi-retired!! :)



On lease from: Beth Stamp
He is our comic; if you leave something out he will find it and play with it. We have caught him going through the therapy toy cabinet one particular time he looked up and had beads in this mouth! He has a fun loving personality, eats junk food, and gets into trouble whenever he can. Comanche had little training when he first came to our program but with work he is now well trained and is very steady in and out of the arena.