For 2019-2020, Beyond Boundaries has gathered a wishlist of items that we need at our facilities! 
If you'd like to give in a meaningful way this Giving Tuesday, these items are a good way to do that. 
Call Jimmy at 501.941.1522 for detailed information on these items. Thanks for making a difference in our community! 
  • Dump trucks to haul donated dirt
  • Monthly horse sponsorships for a month for grooming, feed, worming, farrier, etc.
  • Monthly rider sponsorships for a month of riding fees
  • New helmets  @ $50-60 each
  • New safety belts @ $40 each
  • New horse halters & lead ropes- $25 each for nylon halters & $15 for lead ropes
  • Treats for the horses - various prices
  • Large Heaters for the arena & barn
  • Barn mats for the NEW stalls - rubber mats @ $75 each
  • Heavy duty industrial strength long water hoses
  • 55 gallon barrels
  • Panels for fencing to continue to remove the bobwire @ $100 each 12 ft.
  • Fertilizers for the spring fields 
  • Sponsors to repair Coverall Arena ~ $12,000
  • Land sponsors ~ 30 acres we are paying on @ $12,000 an acre
  • Look for sprinkler options for the arena 
  • Pressure washer 
  • Zero turn mower to save on the lawn care cost