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Help provide a years' worth of care for one of our horses.

Want to be a part of impacting someone’s life?  If so, we ask that you please consider helping us care for one of our cherished horses by sponsoring him or her. To provide one year of care for each horse it takes up to $3,500 in donations so every little bit can make a huge difference. For each of our riders, their therapy horse can be one of their most joyful companions, providing an unparalleled experience in their lives. By sponsoring a therapy horse, you will provide the necessary funds to support the yearly cost of his or her care, including feed, shavings, horseshoes, veterinary care, tack and stall management. Through a sponsorship, you make it possible for Beyond Boundaries to carry out its mission and enhance the quality of life for people with diverse needs through various activities and therapies. We’d love for you to come visit your sponsored horse.